“We love Jackie to no end! We had a really rough delivery (to no fault of hers, our little guy just had a really hard time coming).
Jackie stayed with us and explained everything the doctors were saying and doing even after we were transferred out of her care. She waited by my wife’s side (taking the edge off of me) when they pulled me back to discuss what is going on with my son.
If I have any complaints (it’s on our end) it’s that we didn’t get to know her better sooner. The bond with your MidWife is so important, she is not only there to make sure your child comes safely but to love and support you through the entire process.
Jackie is highly recommended, and we really think you will love her as much as we do!”

“Jackie Walker is an amazing midwife!She care for, not only my daughter, but for all of us involved in the labor and delivering of my grandson!She was attentive and in tune with the Spirit to make the decisions at the right time.We have been blessed by having her as our midwife!Thank you Jackie!!!”

“Although Jackie was not able to deliver my baby at the birthing center like we had hopped, if it had not been for her quick thinking and good judgment to transfer to the hospital, we wouldn’t have our son today! She was a rock for my husband and I even while we were at the hospital. She stayed with us the entire time and checked up on our baby afterwards to make sure he was alright. She was the best midwife we could have hopped for!”

“Midwife Jackie was amazing!! She was there every step of the way throughout my pregnancy. During labor she helped me stay calm and have a smooth delivery! So sad she’s going back to Cali we wanted her to be there for baby #2 but hope she will find new soon-to-be parents to help them become families.”

“Jackie delivered my baby boy at Katy Birth Center recently. She was such an amazing support, and talked me through everything when things got tough. My birth was so peaceful, and I thank her so much for that. I would recommend her services to anyone! Thanks Jackie