Complete prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum care are included within the midwifery package for one price. On this page you will see an outline of services offered, but is meant as an outline only. Earthside Midwifery’s services are tailored to each mother’s unique needs, personal beliefs, and philosophies. No two families, or mothers are alike, so we strive to give you the individual time and attention you deserve to make your pregnancy and birth a loving and personal experience.

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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care
At Earthside Midwifery we offer a full scope of prenatal care with a holistic approach and focus on your physical and emotional well being throughout every trimester.

• Each visit will last 1 hour

• The mother and baby will be monitored very closely throughout the pregnancy. At each visit the mother’s vitals will be evaluated and urinalysis will be preformed. Baby’s heartbeat will be checked and we will palpate and measure your belly to assess the baby’s growth, development, and position.

• The family will be counseled on the pros and cons of the labs and tests recommended during pregnancy. Only with the consent of the mother will prenatal labs be done. All traditional laboratory screenings and blood work is offered. Including prenatal panel (blood work), GBS screening, gestational diabetes screening, genetic testing, ultrasound, STD testing, pap smears and more.

• Nutritional counseling is also offered at every visit with a focus on diet and activity.

• Prenatal visits are once a month from the beginning of pregnancy until 28 weeks gestation, then biweekly until 36 weeks. From then on, visits are weekly until your baby is born.

• We will take time at every visit to answer your questions, address your fears, and get to know your family.

Labor & Birth

Labor & Birth
We offer labor and birth services in your home. Out of hospital birth has not only been proven as safe, but it is also a great option because it is a more comfortable environment.

• During your labor and birth you and your baby will be carefully monitored.

• Vaginal exams will be kept to a minimum and will only be done with the mother’s full consent, giving the mother complete autonomy of her birth.

• When it comes time for the birth, we follow your cues. You decide when and where to push, and where to birth your baby. We have delivered babies in many different position and spaces and trust that your body knows what to do. Some good options include in the birth tub, squatting, use of a birth stool, or your hands and knees. But it is completely your choice!

• After the birth the mother will be monitored for a few hours while she and the baby transition. The midwife will stay with the family until the mother and the baby are stable, both have had a meal, and all questions are answered.

Water Birth

Water Birth
We specialize in water birth, and highly encourage our clients to birth in the water. As women we are naturally drawn to the water and the tides. Water can help with relaxation, loosen muscles, and help let go of fears. Trials have shown that water is a very safe option for birthing and women have been using hydrotherapy as a pain management tool for hundreds of years. We are happy to loan you a birth tub for your upcoming birth for no extra charge.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care
The postpartum period is a very important time for the whole family. It is often referred to as the “baby moon” because it is to be a blissful experience. However, for it to be so, it takes a lot of love and support.

• The midwife will continue to care for the mother and baby within the first few days after birth, at one week, two weeks, and six weeks to ensue that mother and baby are healing in mind, body, and soul.

• During this time we will also monitor you and your baby’s health and assist with breastfeeding and comfort measures.

• Our exceptional postpartum care will end the journey leaving the mother feeling loved and supported.